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BajaWhales, labyrinths and mats in Baja.

Returning February 9 – 16, 2019, I hope to repeat the exultant experience of this year.  Join us in Body Immersion Retreat at Prana del Mar, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.   

Prana del Mar is committed to eco-friendly utilities and fresh foods from their organic garden in an architecture designed meticulously on the Golden Section. There is little better opportunity for a retreat to your deeper mind and well-served body. 

Each day of the Event, join us on the beach in the morning for a silent stretch class. At the bell ring, we walk up to the Movement Room for an hour or more of pilates and then replenish with brunch. You have the morning to run the beach, walk the labyrinth, build your own labyrinth, get a massage, swim the lap, or take a nap.

In the afternoon, we reverse the order of integration. Mat class on one of several themes, for example, Egg for Power or DaVinci’s Man or giving up your champagne butt for a Kodo Drummer butt, and then back to the beach for a sunset stretch. A fabulous healthy dinner awaits.

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The next retreat with Kathleen of PilateSpa International.

New Retreat Experience:   Aegialis Hotel & Spa, in AmorgosGreece. ~ October 16 – 23, 2018. 

I need to hear from you soon/now if you have any interest in being part of the inquisitive group traveling to Greece this fall.


Also in the works . . .

Villa Sant’Andrea, in Tuscany, Italy