Why You’re Here

Get Conscious

Do you know your knee turns in?  And that it significantly affects pain and balance and wholeness?

Do you know your left shoulder is hiking to your ear?  And that you are telling the world you are carrying its weight and that of your luggage, and thereby increasing your own fatigue and lack of self- esteem?

Become body-wise. Discover the corporeal issues that are exacerbating your pain and fatigue.  An integrated body and soul has stamina and excitement about the world.  Reclaim a more complete self.

Because you:

~see potential in your life

~suspect time is not linear and you can change NOW

~ know change will not happen in 30 days or the span of a gym membership or p.t. prescription

~are looking for a sustainable process

~want your health, and with that,  your innate wealth

~want to know

Because you deserve Calm. Quiet. Strength.


Get Help

Because you deserve the fast track back to vitality.  4 ways to learn. 

(Costs do not include shipping.  Contact Kathleen for details.)


I.   A book to read:


WEE SMALL STRETCH BOOK by Kathleen. Brimming with education about breathing and muscle stretching and alignment cues, the book has information too detailed to present in visual pace in a DVD.  And you don’t have to plug it in. Or recharge it. Just pack and portage it. Take your FLEXAGILITY class on the road or home.

From the book:

…  Read the section titled ‘Stretching Essentials’ to determine general rules about enhancing flexibility. Read ‘Master Breathing’ to gain a mastery of this otherwise inevitable process. Read ‘Caveats’ as often as needed. The entire sequence of stretches in ‘The Practice’, which follows, has a logic. Often there is not time for such full theory, though. Then follow ‘Can Do Today’.

Really, though, you are encouraged to take this as a process. A process to conscious stretching. Do not feel that you have failed if you cannot hold a stretch as long as the breathing cycles will ask of you. You have not failed if you cannot hold your arms in the air for very long. Pick three stretches to start. Choose those you like. It is okay to like this work and to like moving your body and to feel good moving. Practice those three for ten days. Pick three others. You can choose any three but you don’t have to choose what order to do them in; just follow the sequence in the Practice. “Ritual should make you conscious, not bored.”



II.   A DVD to watch:

Breathe. Stretch. Move.

Align Body and Mind for Life.
with Kathleen of PilateSpa and Whales of the Baja

PilateSpa Stretch DVD

In case a book is not your style, a DVD with 90 minutes of technique and practice in four programs, for comprehensive and ala carte use. Breathe. Stretch. Move. was created to accompany the WEE SMALL STRETCH BOOK.  Join the class that has been revitalizing stiff spines and minds for more than two decades, with 48 minutes of Stretch and Strength. If it is a ‘rush day,’ try the ‘Swift Stretch’ program and give yourself just 17 minutes of breathing your spine and welcoming grace into your arms and legs. ‘Correct Alignment’ for seven problem areas, including finding the elusive Parallel Feet and avoiding the dreaded Pelvic Tilt, is available as you need.

Stretch and Pilates DVD $35



III.  DVD and Book Kit:             

Breathe. Stretch. Move.  DVD together with WEE SMALL STRETCH BOOK

Book  and Stretch with Pilates DVD package.

Although the book was published first, it was designed specifically to safely house the DVD in a sleeve on the inside front cover.  The book’s heavy-stock pages will stand up to tough use. Move with the DVD; deepen your understanding of the discipline and answer your questions with the book.

Stretch and Pilates DVD and Wee Small Stretch Book Kit  $55 contact kathleen at kathleen conklin dot com for shipping information and details.



Body Conscious’ Pilates Intermediate Mat (DVD) – VINTAGE! 

Created long long before pilates got trendy and boring.

Get your 34 minutes of intelligent work done.

PilateSpa Mat Technique DVD

“Body Conscious’ Pilates: Intermediate Mat Class with Five Advanced Moves”
34 minutes of In-Work, with original music.

Body Conscious’ Pilates Intermediate Mat  $35