Your form and your structure reveal how you feel about yourself, and the messages you send to the world.

Learn to recognize your patterns, and discover who the ‘YOU’ is, that is moving, and moving in, the world.

Prepare Yourself for Anything is learned in 3 Parts.

In each Part there is direction to Explore, permission to Question, and encouragement to Access.

Each Part stands alone and informs the other.

After the first Part we heard:

Language is a marvel of human discourse but we are often looking for words to explain Sensation that simply IS, Meaning that simply IS, and Awareness, that simply IS, without description.

Nonetheless, we asked students to share their experience from the first level of the Course.

“… it was a lot of darn fun to walk around that first week after I saw you.

I am 71.  Although my body works fine and allows me to do all the gardening and building I have done for decades, I found that I don’t ask it to do something, instead I make it do tasks.  I slowly realized that I had lost touch with it…my body, this physical mass that encompasses my brain.  I came to that realization while in session with Heidi.

Through her gentle prodding, strong massage, acupressure, gentle movement, shaking and a seeming plethora of associated techniques, she made my body feel alive and almost overwhelmed with energy and possibilities.  While Heidi is awakening your body physically, she is thoughtfully explaining where parts are stuck, where movement is unbalanced and where coordinated improvement can be established.  She also invites your own assessments as to how these limitations became the norm with you.  Heidi’s sessions engage your mind as much as your body.  Her suggestions on strengthening changes you can make give you guidance for aftercare improvements.  But at least as important to me,  I also came away with mental reassurance that change was possible and that maybe I wasn’t as messed up as I often labeled myself.  Thank you Heidi!  I wished you lived closer and I look forward to another session in the future.”

And another:

“One of the best ways to provide an honest review of a person or business is to ask yourself if you would use that service/business/experience again.  When I think of Heidi Goad’s bodywork  session not only would I continue to use her service again and again, I always have great anticipation and excitement leading up to my appointment.  I feel like a child counting down the days.  My body responds so well to the to meticulous attention that she provides in her hands-on bodywork getting my edema to improve.  I have many other issues and with her precise questioning she has gotten to the heart of them all.  

She truly cares about her clients and her service is 100% personalized to you.  You will feel like her only client – she doesn’t forget anything from previous sessions either!  She gives you homework too – which I love!  I can feel immediate improvements after a session with her.  The body, heart and mind work together and she knows how to make that connection.  I highly recommended Heidi’s unique and lovely bodywork service.”

Tammy Grace

Heidi Goad

Bodyworker. Certified Yoga teacher. BA Religious Studies. MA Asian Studies. Mom of 3.

Kathleen Conklin

Master teacher of body consciousness and breathing, and pilates. Founder of Body Conscious LLC, and PilateSpa International. Degrees in Philosophy, English, Dance and Law. Perennial student of dissection anatomy. Author of Who Breathes, and Wee Small Stretch Book.