Sshhhhhh… the Centric Six™ secret

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This is the secret to your biological power.

Your personal power, emotional calm, and your quiet intellect will strengthen too.

There are six steps to properly control your insides.  Centric Six™. From many years of teaching many people, I have garnered the simplest set of actions to get the safest and most efficient power from your center.

Centric Six™ starts with,  “One: Inhale, pull your pubic bone and your sitbones to your tailbone. Exhale, pull that contraction up behind your belly button” . . .  and gets more interesting from there.

This is a non-complex and efficient neuromuscular and breath sequence essential to improving every life action, discipline, sport or activity.

Everyone can do this.  Everyone can feel this alive.

You also get:

  • bladder control
  • flat belly
  • intestinal fortitude
  • balance
  • lowered voice
  • oxygen to your brain and other organs

I will teach you. And you will teach those you love.

Book to be available soon. see Market

Watch a short video detailing Raw Abs Knee Elevations and Pelvic Lift.