Golf-Centric Body Plan

A golf swing puts thousands of pounds of torque force on the spine, often at the point where it is least able to rotate. With some awareness, some irreducibly simple stretches, and some techniques to get more rebound in your body in the moment, you can increase flexibility in your hips, improve the coordination of your shoulders, and reduce the sheering on your spine.

I’ve studied the whole-body approach to movement in sport, and the science of leading golf coach Michael Jacobs, biomechanist Dr. Steven Nesbit, and Tom Myers, Anatomy Trains founder.

So here’s the simple truth:  You know. You feel better when you stretch. You swing better when you’re calm and flexible.

4 sessions to a personal protocol for your Golfer’s Body. $600. Bring your clubs.

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The Golf Almanac
Specific Assessment and Solution for your golfing body.