Live, online Corporate Breakouts and Courses

More often than not your employees are sitting.  Down. Particularly in this Coronavirus Era.

Compressive sitting diminishes lung function, oxygen to the brain, and circulation to the legs.  It contributes to heart disease, overactive pancreas and diabetes.  Sitting is linked to greater risk for colon, breast and endometrial cancers.  Your employees should ‘get up’ 35 times per day, to keep circulation moving and avoid the possible organ damage, and certain muscle degeneration.

Short of instituting standing desks and track-walks for meetings, corporate culture is probably stuck with sitting.

So let’s teach them to Sit UP, not sit down.  Changing the spine line, the leg angle and breath direction and efficiency can offset the mental stupor and physical decline.   You improve productivity and profit and joy in employees, and decrease illness and costs associated with health insurance, medical providers and employee absences.

A short course in full stretching can be taught to your employees as well. There are 6 essential stretches to do with 17 minutes, or 7.  They can be spread out over the day.

Consult with Kathleen to determine what kind of workshop would benefit your employees.  Kathleen is also available to lead stretch or breath rejuvenation breakouts during conferences, retreats or seminars via teleconferencing.