“I work with you because you are brilliant about how the body works, why things hurt when they hurt, and how to get stronger, taller, more flexible. Your problem solving is always spot on. I feel so grateful to have encountered such a gifted professional.”
~KV, UW Professor

“When I watch Kathleen move I want to copy her style. If she can look so gorgeous and slink around like that (like a cat moves and stretches with grace and power) then I want to study with her until I can figure it out.  Having Kathleen as a teacher is like receiving an invitation to a jungle dance party where all the animals twist and spiral in primal awareness of their ancient power. And you feel damn lucky to be invited.”
~AS, mover, shaker, mom of actors

What you teach is self-care. You call it body mechanics, I call it body awareness. You facilitate deep knowing of our physical selves. To me it is NOT training, not exercising. It is becoming, it is awareness work. Through breath and movement you lead me on a journey of self discovery connecting mind, body and soul in deep new ways. A beautiful path for an aging, changing still blossoming being to find!”
~SS, artist, strategic event planning non-profit

“Pilates with Kathleen stretches and strengthens my muscles, my bones, my body, and my soul. Kathleen gets the body – how it is put together, how it works, how it declines, how it can be strengthened, and how it heals. (and … she’s fun to talk to!)”
~ EB, artist and professor

“As I say when introducing you to someone: Kathleen is a magician. She will pinpoint causes of chronic problems (in my case, neck and shoulder pain) and recommend specific, concrete solutions that no other PT, coach or doctor has been able to offer. Not magic bullets but actionable steps like muscles to strengthen, posture to change.”
~AS, architecture and engineering

“Kathleen is incredibly creative and intricate with the work of Pilates for the total body, ever adding to and layering movements to challenge and deepen the practice for long-practicing and new students alike. You can’t find this in any book or comparable studio anywhere.”
~JC, designer

“Kathleen   -pays deep attention -knows more about bodies and how they work than just about any medical professional  -accepting of wherever you are -is able to problem solve and help figure out the most pesky of physical conditions – compassionate AND passionate – a committed life long learner and lover of life.”
~MK, artist and therapist

“It is astonishing that many of us graduate from college without knowing the first thing about how our bodies work and how they should move through space. Even though human bodies don’t come with an operator’s manual, we have the capacity to move through the world with fluidity and economy and keep our physical selves in good repair, but only if we take take the time to learn how to do all that. I consider myself very fortunate to have found a teacher who thoroughly understands the art and science of body consciousness and who clearly enjoys sharing her knowledge with anyone who wanders into her learning space.”
~MV, Program and Policy Director

“Kathleen is a world-class Pilates teacher whose classes have kept my body young, strong and agile (for fifteen years.)”
~JD, retired business owner, videographer, writer

“Movement is life. Being comfortable in my body is central to my peace of mind, happiness and well being. At 35 after pushing limits, testing boundaries, seeing the world, running its rivers, climbing its mountains, and running for miles and miles, my body started to show some wear. Kathleen is the answer. Her knowledge of the body, it’s mechanisms, systems, and subtle balance healed me. She makes me work. She makes me think. She teaches me what I’m doing unconsciously so that I can consciously correct it. Through her effort I feel amazing, my body fixes itself. It is the real work. Pilates is amazing, Kathleen is more amazing. With her help, I see myself showing my son & daughter rivers, mountains, and vast open spaces with all of the physical ability to keep up with them!”
~Susan, Business Owner