Close up of torso sculpture

1466 Leonardo Da Vinci was apprenticed to learn anatomy.

Not much has changed in anatomy itself, but our scientific understanding of anatomy continues to plumb the infinite.

What of our own understanding of our own anatomy?  Here is a place to learn the art and science of you.

The pelvic floor muscles are intimately connected to each of the average 25,000 breaths you take each day. Gaining strength and flexibility in those muscles facilitates breath and posture.

Core muscles include the pelvic floor and diaphragm and transverse abdominus and multifidi. Studies now indicate that the psoas muscle, the deepest flexor in the body, also has stabilizing capacities.

Your appreciation of motion is much improved with an understanding of muscles, bones, connective tissue. Anatomical references and terms used by the general populace spice up private lessons and classes.

Kathleen teaches seminars on specific anatomical regions using audio/visual references, first-generation text, and everyday imagery to educate about muscles, bones, and their actions in your body.