Body Centric™ Mat

An invention – Available only here

The conscious body mat called Body Centric™ Mat.

He asks to lie on the mat.

To feel better. Age 9.

As early as 2002, it was clear to me that people needed more haptic input to do the discipline of pilates, and other intelligent movement techniques, well.

The body is so clearly sectioned in proportion – evident in our art and sculpture and culture, and in relationship; the body is so clearly coordinated and organized along lines and patterns of predictability in the uniform field of force called gravity, and spirals of growth evidenced by fibonnacci spirals; and people are SO distracted by ease, cheap and comfort; it made sense to create a simple, accessible, portable, 3 – dimensional apparatus so people can sense themselves in space and enhance proprioception, movement and functionality.

The organization of the mat is so irreducibly and directly related to the anthropometrics and neurological mapping of the human body, that it can be used in the practice of pilates, yoga, tai chi, and other intelligent movement disciplines, including exercise, rehabilitation, training, physical and mental conditioning, habituation, injury prevention and recovery; in medical protocols for minimizing cascade of disabilities and maximizing muscular and neurological recovery from paralysis, congenital disorders, and auto immune illnesses; and overall healing.

And teachers who are new, or a little anxious about having enough experience to keep their work safe and effective for new students, can feel confident they are getting the body right.

And a child can rest.