This program employs techniques and patterns of flexibility and movement so fundamental they underlie all human movement, even the ancient discipline of yoga.

This is a rigorous and comprehensive program to stretch and support the entire body. Yet is takes no equipment or special mantra. You fluidly transition smoothly from one active stretch pattern into the next and transport that grace elsewhere into your life.

Join others who have been taking this Stretch and Strength class since it was created in 1998, and those just beginning. Find the power which comes from moving your body in something other than the forward upright pursuit.  Pick up your grandchild or your laundry without pain, smash the squash ball without torn hamstrings, win at tennis and touch your toes.

Classes available 11 am Wednesdays am and 10:45 am Saturdays.  Contact Kathleen to be on the list for notification.

Private lessons and Corporate Courses in Flexagility™  available.

This class available on DVD:  Breathe. Stretch. Move.

Stretch and Strength

There is much and continuing blather, dissension and contention about the value of ‘stretching’.  Scientific studies now abound on the intricacies and styles and ‘results’ of stretch and if you read and understand them all, you get paralysis.  As often as one says it is good for you, another says it’s something else.

You have to stretch because you have to. All human locomotion, even the tiniest movement, requires one group of muscles to lengthen, or ‘stretch’, in order for the opposing muscle group to contract and thereby move the levers of your bones to move you. Those rhythms happen naturally in the architecture of our bodies.  Yet the facts of age, gender, genetics, training, nutrition, rest, hydration, and medications affect your flexibility – the suppleness with which you move and respond. If you stretch actively, consciously, knowingly, and with strength, you can reduce the fatiguing drag on your system and get as supple as your blueprint allows.

So here’s the simple truth:  You know.  You feel better when you stretch.  Do it for that.  Because you get blood flowing from your sitting butt and swollen ankles to your searching brain.

Stretch and Strength is BY  –  ‘Before Yoga.’
It is human movement realized.
It is better balance.
It is avoidance of, and faster recovery from, injury, surgery and other bodily insult.

It is lasting.

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The Wee Small Stretch Book was designed in response to consistent inquiries from clients for a tool to keep up their practice of this ground-breaking work, stretching safely and effectively.