Stretching Men

Men typically have a tighter physical and mental structure.  Athletic training, sports, and other activity undertaken by men often reinforce those traits.

Assisted Stretch allows you to sustain a stretch long enough for the neuromuscular connections to be reinforced and the muscle to ease into its full natural length. Stretching can be assisted by a teacher, trainer or partner.  Assisted Stretch makes stretching more likely and more efficient.

IMG_2059Learn bone alignment and assisted stretch techniques to get deeply restricted joints and ligaments more free. The result is stamina, endurance, power, fewer injuries and less pain.

Private lessons with Kathleen. Consider lessons with a partner so you can sustain the practice between lessons.

“Kathleen is gifted. When stretching me she has an extraordinary ability to quickly know what’s going on in the very deepest parts of my structure. She has an innate sense of when something isn’t quite right inside, and an uncanny way of making minute adjustments to her position, her pressure, or her angle, that open up my joints and stretch my muscles in ways that I have never experienced before. My hips, hamstrings, feet, shoulders, back and neck are all looser and more open than I ever thought they would be again.”

~DW, artist