Body Centric™

Swirling patterns in sand

To be fully human is to move in many planes in multiple patterns in full coordination of those mental and muscular complexities.

Bodies in motion are influenced by momentum, work, energy, gravity, vector forces, circular motion, waves, oscillations, space, time, dimensions, and planes.

The Body Centric™ practice incorporates the understanding of those influences in the most basic and fundamental approach to improving and refining motion.  Learn all the ways each part of your body moves inherently, and in relationship to other parts. Learn processes to reinforce the power of each of those motions and coordination of those motions.

Learn the kinetic sequence to smartly reach for a coffee cup, pick up a hammer, work in the garden. You recover from or avoid ‘frozen shoulder’.

Learn how to sit down and stand up.  You diminish or eliminate hip pain; you improve stamina in long drives or long lectures or sitting work hours.

Learn Centric 6, the secret to your biological success.  How to breathe best.  Everyone can feel this alive. 

Classes and workshops offered periodically.  Personal practice available in private or duet lessons with Kathleen.