Intelligent Pilates

In a glowing new studio, pilates technique at StillPointe.

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Intelligent Mat is true Mat Technique
Classes 11 am on Thursday and 9:30 am on Saturday.  Online teleclass, and now, Live In-Person on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays.
The Pilates Method of Physical and Mental Conditioning is the systematic progression of exercises developed by Joseph Pilates before 1926 to promote strength, flexibility, balance and control through the coordination of mind, body, and breath/spirit.  Learn the fundamental mat exercises, including the mechanics and dynamics of the movement, the proper breathing, and the imagery which enhances the work.  
This is a lasting answer to your resolve for a stronger mind and body.
Pilates Apparatus Solo lessons and small group Classes
Classes Monday and Wednesday.
Private lessons M W R F by appointment.
Professional studio complete with all pilates apparatus.
Recover from pain, injury and surgery, come home to your longest, leanest body.


Sound Biomechanics

The large and incomprehensibly complex human brain develops in a moving body. Neurological, emotional, intellectual and physical capacities become more intricate and balanced in a moving body. Your coherent centric self must move to live. Moving in alignment and with practice of proper sequence of actions is biomechanically sound. Sound practices reduce wear and tear and create grace and elegance.  Move well, live well.

Kathleen helping a young studentWhat is ‘locomotion’?  Walk, jump, leap, skip, hop, roll.  That is a human moving.

What is ‘walk’?  When and from whom did you learn to walk?  Most of us did not learn the activity but absorbed the nuances and cadences of other humans tottering through our environment.  You can learn the proper alignment of body parts, sequence of muscle push, and angle of fall.  Walking well reduces foot, knee, hip, back pain and improves organ function.

When is the last time you rolled?  I remember rolling down the hill behind Sauk Trail School in Middleton at recess. (Alas, “what is ‘recess'”, is another question.) Kids rolled through the euphoric and ubiquitous oak leaves, giggling to the bottom despite being impaled on the wayward twig. That is easy.  Trying rolling uphill.  Roll, even, on flat ground.

Jumping, leaping, hopping, skipping will get your heart up and your smile on.  Chances are you will do them correctly because there has been so little practice, your natural biorhythms will prevail.