Photo of kathleen sitting on a rock

Kathleen Conklin
Master Teacher – Pilates
Creator – Flexagility™  and Refine Your Spine™
Founder – Body Conscious LLC
Teaching breathing, spine alignment, functional movement and stretch and strength techniques.


I want to work with you. I don’t want to limit you with training. Where it is external, quantitive, competitive, tiring and depleting, I think ‘exercise’ is a diversion and misses the point. I have intense appreciation for the potential and the process of healing, and a deep compassion dealing with physical and mental issues.  I don’t want to ‘exercise’ you; I want to help you heal.

My purpose is to educate you about your own inherently adequate design and your vast capacity to move well. In your body made conscious by intelligent movement and profound breathing, you find energy and a fiercely protective immune system. You reduce pain, injury and discomfort. Ultimately, you improve life options and enjoyment.

Bring me your broken bones, your new hips, old knees, and tired spirit, and let’s figure out how to breathe free and be free of pain.

Full back ground on me see http://pilatespa.com/director/.