Comminuted fractures 11.28.13
Fluoroscope of surgeon hand pulling bones into alignment.

One could ply that dialectic euphemism  ‘enough said’, about the photos above.   There is more, though, to be considered.

The bones in the first x-ray are misaligned because of comminuted (read ‘nasty’) fractures in 2nd through 5th metatarsals, as well as an increasing ‘bunion’ in the first metatarsal (big toe).  There was a fracture in the calcaneus too, but the heel bone was left alone.

The second photo is a fluoroscope of the surgeon’s hand pulling the pinky bone.  This is so gorgeous.  All the other bones dance into alignment. Of a sort. A few deck screws and a Herbert screw now maintain the alignment through Argentine Tango dancing and the assaults of daily living.  It is really good, but it is not the original structure.

The point: bones are a system, alignment matters, keep yours precise and functional now; or start the path to regaining your original aligned design.

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